"Duke Mason has been a friend of The Jordanaires for many years. We have sung many songs with him on stage, and recorded material with him in the studio.
Outside being a good singer and knowing always what to say...we consider him one of our best friends.
He is a joy to be around, and always meets everyone with a great smile. We look forward to working with him again."
-GORDON STOKER The Jordanaires /

"One of the most unsung heroes in the music field is Duke Mason. We enjoy working with Duke more than you could possibly know.
God bless you, Duke!"
-RAY WALKER The Jordanaires /


“It was a pleasure to work with Duke; his talent is good enough to go ANYWHERE! When he walks on stage, all the audience notices is his superlative talent,
and you can quote me on that!”
-LEROY VAN DYKE Country Music Singer /


"Duke Mason packs a whole lotta talent and a mighty big voice along with his A+ band. Great personality -great entertainment!"
-TERRY MIKE JEFFREY Singer & Entertainer /


"Duke Mason rocked the house!"..."I found myself genuinely moved by the way he took the stage and transformed himself into a giant!"


“Duke Mason is one of the best entertainers I have seen. He can hold an audience spellbound. He is a comedian, singer, musician, and is extremely versatile.
He would be a great addition to any Branson type show or is even capable, I feel, of having his own show. He is a natural!”
-ALBERT E. BRUMLEY JR. Gospel & Country Music Singer


“I highly recommend Duke Mason. He is trustworthy and dependable. His character and moral behavior are above reproach. He has worked for me in the past,
and I found him to be all of the above, but perhaps most important, Duke is a team player. He is extremely talented, and has a wonderful way about him while singing, playing, or performing.”
-TOMMY OVERSTREET Country Music Singer


“Duke Mason is a gifted musician who entertained the guests of Precious Moments Chapel for more than a decade. He is very much in command of his audience, and I personally find him to be
warm and very approachable. Duke is part of our ministry because of his adaptability to adults and children alike. We received letters thanking us for having Duke as part of our team.
We are thankful because he was such a special addition, not only to the Chapel complex, but to the other employees as well.”
-SAMUEL J. BUTCHER Creator Of Precious Moments /